Re: Re: Shameful confusion about Fetish/Spirit Ally rules

From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_...>
Date: Sun, 31 Oct 2004 20:48:39 -0800

> > As per Gloranthan history, Otherworld beings agreed at the
> Compromise
> > that they could be immortal on the premise that they did not, and
> could
> > not, change.
> > Now, what heroes do with heroquests is a separate matter. ;) But
> it takes
> > a heroquest to do it. Unless the narrator says otherwise, of
> course...
> >
> Ahh, but *whose* Gloranthan history. As I recall, not every culture
> believes in the Compromise. It may be that rather than "Otherworld
> Beings can't change because of the compromise" it is "Orlanthi
> explain the generally static nature of otherworld beings as being
> caused by the compromise"

Other cultures explain the static nature of orherworld beings in other ways, true, but it doesn't hide the fact that otherworld beings *are* static. For whatever reason, otherworld beings cannot change. That includes learning and growing. Unless you want to invoke YGMV, of course, in which case we migt as well not bother continuing this conversation...

> Also consider that in RQ allied spirits were allowed to make "POW"
> gain roles (unlike,IIRC, Bound Spirits) so there is an "in game"
> precedent for assuming that there are circumstances in which an
> allied spirit can "improve" (whether this is a genuine improvement
> on behalf of the spirit or just an improvement on behalf of the
> heroes use of it's abilities)

I wouldn't use a RQ rule to try to explain a further 20 years of Greg's thought on Gloranthan Cosmology. RQ also had Strike ranks, but you don't see them reflected in HQ.

> It's all a bit abstract anyway as <greg> Gloranthan's don't know the
> numbers </greg> How can anyone tell my Allied Spirits rating
> in "Know Your Needs" has risen from 17 to 18 anyway?

They are as aware of changes as we are. "Hey, Oddi's Wind spirit used to not be able to lift a piece of paper, now it's throwing around full-grown cattle!"

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