Re: Shameful confusion about Fetish/Spirit Ally rules

From: jeffrichard68 <jeff.richard_at_...>
Date: Mon, 01 Nov 2004 17:26:41 -0000

> The disconnect is between "Gloranthan Metaphysics" and "Game
Rules". We have
> a situation in game rules where a spirit *seems* be be able to
learn and
> change. This isn't "true" in the Gloranthan Metaphysical sense,
and the rule
> shouldn't be taken as indicative of the "truth" of Glorantha.

I agree. As a rule of thumb, never try to use the game rules to try to figure out the "truth" of Glorantha. Although the HQ rules model Gloranthan metaphysics much better than RQ1/2/3 did, they still have their flaws.


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