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From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_...>
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2004 11:09:07 -0800

> Oh, _in_ Glorantha of course the leagues would vary, just as most
> units of measurement did on earth (even those with the same name).
> But in game terms you can give its references and fix it.

Yep. "How far is it?" "'bout four hours walk..."

> For what it is worth, I suspect most Gloranthans would work in terms
> of things like paces, reach, javelin-throw, bow-shot, and similar
> approximate measurements. No doubt the upper crust Dara Happans and

Take that, you metric users!

Most of the old units of measure were based on biometrics - the cubit, foot, inch, etc were based on the length of body parts (not *that* body part, you dirty-mided people!), while distance was based on paces (1,000 double paces to the Roman mile, etc) or time ( a league is the distance you travel in about an hour, 3 miles or so). An Acre was the amount of land you could plow in a day, etc. etc. etc.

Without accurate maps you don't need to know miles, you can rely on time (I think it is Nepal that uses "Cups of tea" as a measurement of distance - i.e. it takes X "cups of tea" to walk to the next village).

Within the lands governed by the Lunar Empire there are most likely milestones telling the Distance to Glamour (or "the city at the end of this road"), but certainly not in the majority of Glorantha.

I remember reading somewhere that the cult of Lokarnos uses the "Wheel" as a measurement of distance (the circumferance of the "standard Wheel" on a Lokarnos-approved wagon).

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