Re: Road, Mud and Moccasin along the Old Wenelian Road Was: Travel etc

From: Jeff <jakyer_at_...>
Date: Tue, 23 Nov 2004 17:23:05 -0000

Yeah, I wasn't going to take into account things like "traveling with a remuda" (small herd of remounts), traveling via posting stations, traveling via magial road (other than the Trade Path), switching rowers or carrying addtional rowers (that's sort of a mixed blessing as any canoeist can tell you) or magic. Having spent a lot of time messing about in mountains and forests as a field geologist and a member of the Canadian Armed Forces before that, I would tend to say that all the cool logistical tricks in the world matter somewhat less than the terrain and the road quality. Aside from some magic, of course, changes things. It is Glorantha.

I am more comfortable with knowing "more or less standard daily travel distance." If you want to push that, then you can start rolling dice and taking risks. The price of failure is traveling fewer miles, of course or even having your cart wreck, your horse die or your leg broken as you fall down a cliff.


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