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  1. Leave out the word "should". We are under no obligation to play the way you happen to enjoy. Try "can". Maybe you 'should' try. As an MIB, HQ demo'er, playtester and one of the original Hero Wars Initiates, this was the way I was taught to play the game, narrate it and teach it. I sat down for a long period with Robin Laws and discussed the way you should run a Hero Wars game and I had the privilege of having him run me a game 'as it was intended to be run' and to that end I have run my HQ in that manner ever since. So no you are not obliged to play the way I happen to enjoy, but you should give it a go.
  2. So, it is now full moon, and we need a message taken from Boldhome to Whitewall and back before the moon is dark. Known number of miles, known number of days. Will that be "travelling upon the winds, inspired by...", or "travelling gently and enjoying the scenery", or "let's drop in and see some friends on the way"? Or what? For that, we need numbers. Ending in a resistance to roll against. Was it 6, 14, or 10W3? It helps to know! And now we do. Do you? Well why can't you make them up as you go along? I virtually never reference numbers from them text in my games. Its not rocket science, if you need a number think 14 as natural world resistance, and then add on points based on gut feeling, a little applied logic and sheer bloody mindedness. It makes for much more intuitive narrating, makes the game flow much quicker. If you want to read reviews of my gming style, have a look at the Forge, under the Char-Un section of the Indie RPGs.

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