Re: Re: Augmenting to Augment?

From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_...>
Date: Wed, 1 Dec 2004 08:23:17 -0800

> Mkay. Now, unless I'm on some heavy cough medicine or have some
> arcane advance printing of HeroQuest, there's something that really
> is missing from this discussion (and surprisingly from the getgo).

Better switch your cough medicine brand!

> Because, if he's not, then the player (by the HeroQuest rules as I've
> played/run/understand them) has to roll for the augment.

Absolutely wrong.

Page 80, Augmenting Others: "You can use an sutomatic augment or a variable augment on another person, but in either case you *must* use an unrelated action." (emphasis in text).

What you might be remembering is the last sentence in that paragraph: "Depending on your statement of what your hero is doing, the narrator *may* require you to roll for a variable augment rather than allowing you to provide an automatic augment." (emphasis mine)

> It's how I've always played/run it. I'd be surprised if
> the "official" ruling was otherwise, especially since rolling for the
> variable augment puts the players in a much less passive role than
> just throwing out augments at the other players.

Well, sorry to surprise you, but that is the Official rule.

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