RHQN _at_ Dragonmeet 2004 Report

From: Darran <darransims_at_...>
Date: Mon, 6 Dec 2004 20:06:51 -0000

Greetings and Salutations

Hi all,
A quick report on this weekends Dragonmeet convention.

I had a lot of fun. Met up with a lot of old friends, saw a lot of regular faces from the RPG convention circuit, and met some friendly new gamers as well.

I ran two games of HeroQuest which went down very well [so I was told by the players anyway].

The first one, 'Dark Heart of the Dragon Lands' is one that I haved now demo'd 17 times now. I had four players that were now to HeroQuest and Glorantha and one other player that had played it before at another convention.

The new players took to the rules straight away, they played their characters well, got a little freaked out by some of my weird NPCs and successful completed the scenario by dispatching the 'bad guy' before he had chance to do any of his eevil deeds. The 'bad guy' did get to do his almost manical laughter before being thwarted by being dropped in a pit, beaten up, hog tied, tortured, and then executed- by javelin. :D

Straight after finishing that game I started another called 'Into the Trees'. I had six players this time, one young player was completely new to role-playing, another younger player had played before in another one of my games at an earlier convention. The other players had also played HeroQuest before at some of the Glorantha convnetions.

The game was simple, get one of the player's character hitched to his true love. Star crossed lovers though. She was from a different clan that was feuding with the players clan. She was also a worshipper of a nasty, women-only, Earth Protector cult called Babeester Gor that specialises in axes, hating men and NOT getting married. Her father was the clan chief that hated the player characters on sight. Her boss was the High-Priestess of another nasty, women-only, Earth Quake cult called Maran Gor that specialises in huge earthquakes, bigger axes, hating and mutilating men, growing obese. :O

What followed was a comedy of errors as they tried to get some nice 'gifts' to placate all parties concerned. Including getting a dinosaur across the River, past the Dragonewts, through the Haunted Forest to the enemy village while bringing along a white ram badly dyed black [and not colourfast either].

In all an excellent covention.
Thanks to all the organisers of this great convnetion and to all the venue staff for being friendly and helpful.


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