RE: Experience Contribution (was Possible house rules on concentrating magic)

From: Mike Holmes <homeydont_at_...>
Date: Tue, 04 Jan 2005 16:46:28 -0600

>From: "Darren Hill" <rpglists_at_...>

>This post made me wonder if I understand the HP requirements properly.
>Where it says you must spend 10%, 20%, 30% or whatever, I assumed those HP
>were just erased, and you spend whatever is left over. But this post made
>me think that it's supposed to be: you must spend that proportion of your
>XP on your religion/magic and you don't actually lose any. Is this correct?

I think this may have been covered here before, but I can't remember the outcome. I've assumed that the text means that you get the HP, and you have to spend them on the area (as you surmised). But I could be mistaken.

In any case, I never pay attention to these limits overall, actually. I think that if you look at it, you'll see that players spend about the right amounts on the right things anyhow. Also, given the pacing of adventures, I'm pretty sure that if players don't, they're spending them better than the limit would indicate that they should. I mean, they're a metagame resource, and as such, I think that they make a poor modeling device. Meaning that I think that whatever a player wants to spend them on is probably the best thing in most cases.

I think that the percentages are best used as indications of how busy a character is, and how limited they are in picking up new duties and such. Especially since the ratings have to be for "time available for supporting your magic habit." That is, I don't think that sleep or working your occupation comes out of this time, nor are you expected to spend this much time when traveling, or doing something more important. It's just an indicator of how much the character can take on in religious commitments in his day to day life. So as to say, "You can't take any more, you're too busy as it is."

It's interesting that the types of magic that take the most time are also likely to preclude taking on more stuff. That is, a devotee has to spend 60% of their time with their one god, but an Initiate can multiply initiate to other cults, and be at 90% fast.


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