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From: Mike Holmes <homeydont_at_...>
Date: Thu, 06 Jan 2005 10:30:17 -0600

>From: "parental_unit_2" <parental_unit_2_at_...>
>Is there some reason why the adept couldn't just practice his spells,
>which you'd represent by spending points on them? I know David allows
>that sort of thing in his game. For example, one of the characters in
>his game worked on his combat skills while he was waiting for a
>wedding, by setting up his own practice ground.

I'm not worried about what to spend HP on, that's easy. What I'm worried about is the community committment. But I think you're close. Looking at what the committments mean, I think what's important is the relationships. That is, what you're doing with the committment is maintaining the relationship with the religious organization, and with the related supernatural being.

So, for an initiate, his 30% is spent both participating in rites with his temple, and praying to his god (both at the same time, probably frequently). If he's away from his temple, well, then he can't be expected to participate, nor can he expect community support. So while away, I'm guessing that they spend more time praying to their god, who I assume can hear them anywhere.

Animists are even easier, because I think that they're even more centered on their spirits, even when "at home." I think most of their commitments are about maintaining their relationships with their spirits.

Well, who are the supernatural beings for Adepts? It's the school's founder found as, "Know Rule of X" So, what I'm thinking is that continuing worship away from the school is simply independent study of the founder's work (which, yes, includes the spells incidentally). At school, he'd do it with the other NPCs who are part of the school, but when away, he only has himself to study with.

I think the ramifications for failure to at least work with your otherworld being while away from your community are to essentially lose the magic keyword in question until you start back up. I think this is internally consistent across the types. For a theist, it's the god cutting them off. For an animist, it's the individual majestic spirit cutting the hero off from the practice spirits (they talk to each other, see...). For the Adept, if I'm right, what it means is that the character is cut off from the essence plane, as they lose touch with the teachings of the founder. They need to maintain this knowledge, and connection with this source of their magic, or they lose it.

How's that all sound?


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