RPG-Book Poll at Rpg.net

From: Stefan <stefan-drawert_at_...>
Date: Sun, 09 Jan 2005 17:44:04 +0100

Dear folks,

there's a poll over at RPG.net for the best books used as source and/or inspiration for role-playing.
I couldn't resist to enter KING OF SARTAR fro Greg Stafford and if there's somebody else who shares my pov feel free to vote for this, too. Can't give you a direct link for this as positions will change due to more or less votes, but there's a link for the poll right on the top page! Just go there and search for KoS.
and before I forget: Please forgive me my hasted comments on the book which no doubt would need an "edit" but I did this in a rush...

take care,


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