Re: New players to a campaign

From: Nick Hollingsworth <nick.hollingsworth_at_...>
Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2005 17:56:44 -0000

> those who have routinely invested in their
> affinities, are they happy with it? Do they feel they are on equal
> footing with the other players?

All the PCs bar one are theists.

We have clocked up several (perhaps even 'many') RW years of play now but have long since given up waiting for the day when any of us get to the fabled level of learning a cult secret.

I only remembered recently that I could increase a single feat within an affinity for just one point if I wanted. But I haven't chosen to do so. It just does not seem worth it. So I am willing to pay the huge price for the affinity despite my bitterness about it.

I do look at the animist character with a certain degree of envy. He can get new abilities very cheaply. He counters that he cant increase them - but they start much higher than I anticipate being able to get my affinities up to so I remain unplacated.

There does seem to me a mismatch between the cost of a new sidekick and the cost of a new spirit or whatever. Since a spirit seems like a sort of npc I would expect them to have similar rules for purchase. However I have not sat down to work out what I would prefer.

As a GM the more touchy issue with an animist is that their abilities seem to largely depend on GM fait - just how many spirits will I allow him to summon in the course of a game and how big will I let them be. Thats OK for the course of the story; but he then fixes them with a few HP - so his character could outstrip all the others or he could be frustrated at his inability and its pretty much down to the GMs whim. I would rather this was taken out of my hands and made subject to a HP costing system that paced his progress more effectively.

So basically thats the state of play: Affinities seem terribly expensive; but not quite so terribly expensive that we can be arsed to come up with a 'fix'; which implies they cant be *miles* out.

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