Re: Burning at both ends

From: bankuei <Bankuei_at_...>
Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2005 23:35:06 -0000

Hi Ian,

I think the key would be to have the player choose one of the sides they WANT to support(regardless of what the "character wants"). For example, if I have John the Coward, but a scene is happening where I want him to show some bravery, or at least the amount he's managed to work up, as his best friend is in danger, I (the player) would take the side of Relationship to Buddy, and be using whatever stuff is on that side to augment. The Narrator would then take up Cowardice and use whatever else could be used to augment that.

The character himself, John the Coward, may actually just want to run away, or maybe he wants to stay, but isn't that the point of the contest? To see what actually happens?

As far as "mastery", or rather, experience in dealing with these two traits, it would play out in my ability as a player to expertly use my own abilities against my other ratings in order to "win" the desired effect. In the long term, I'd be spending my Hero Points to up one side or the other, and the abilities that bolster it.


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