Re: Crossing the Lines

From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_...>
Date: Sat, 27 May 2000 09:22:23 -0700

> The misapplied worshipping rules work for the most part. My
> Henotheists are worshipping Thesitically, and using misapplied
> sacrificial worship to worship the Saints - fine. But they also have
> purely sorcerous orders. What if a sorceror wants to join a theistic
> god? I'm not sure if I understand the rules on this point (where's
> that damn index : )))) Can someone join both theistic, sorcerous,
> mytical cults etc... as long as they are within the same pantheon?
> This applies just as much to the Lunars, where you could have a
> worshipper of Jakaleel wanting to become an intitiate of Rufelza, or
> another theistic god.

Sure you can *join*, but you get whapped by the Misapplied Worship rules.

One section that got cut (and a good thing, it was 'way too long) was the two runic ID systems.

Basically, every deity has a series of runes that define his place in the world. The first rune in this series is the rune which determines the magic system to use to worship - Theist, Sorcery, Animist, Mystic. Each person, likewise, has a connection to one system. If the worshipper and the deity have the same "system" rune, then the worship is correct, not misapplied.

The other runes in the ID are Pantheon, Great God, God, hero/subcult

So, the Orlanthi gods are mostly [Theist] [Storm] [Orlanth or Ernalda] [God's Own Rune]

Orlanth Adveturous: [Theist] [Storm] [Orlanth or Ernalda] [Adventurous] Urox: [Theist] [Storm] [Orlanth] [Urox]
Vanganth: [Theist] [Storm] [Orlanth] [Adventurous] [Vanganth]

But Kolat is [Mystic] [Storm] [Kolat].

So a "normal" Orlanthi will get a misapplied worship if they worship Kolat, while a Spirit talker will get it if he worships one of the gods.

It depends on the "system" of magic that you choose for your hero at characetr creation time.


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