Re: Basic character premise?

From: jeffrichard68 <jeff.richard_at_...>
Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2005 22:43:41 -0000

> I've never seen the film, but yes, based on that description,
> he make a wonderful Orlanthi PC? Or maybe a Sun County PC? Retired
> Templar?
> And you'd play him until his "issues" were settled, and then stop.

I usually borrow heavily from films like "Unforgiven" or the old spaghetti westerns for ideas (I also borrow from Shakespeare's plays like MacBeth. Right now I'm borrowing some ideas from Richard II). Long ago, I had a character named Wilms who was modelled on William Muny. His backstory was that he had been a Humakti weaponsthane turned killer during the Boldhome to Starbrow's Rebellion era. Sickened by what he had done during the Rebellion, he fled to Pavis County to become a simple steadfarmer. Years later, his past caught up with him and he returned to his violent ways. Fun character to play, poor character to play with.


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