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From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_...>
Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2005 18:54:09 -0800

> Right, thanks. So, as I thought, a starting PC under standard rules is
> not Clan Champion level. His main skill may be, at the bottom of the
> range, but he doesn't get all those augments.

It depends, did the Narrator allow him to take "Weaponthane" and/or "Clan Champion" as part of his writeup? Of course, it's a pretty poor clan that has a starting charcater as it's Champion (two abilities, maxed out at Chargen time, at 7w). A "true" clan champion will have most of his "work-realted" abilities in the 10w-10w2 region, not *just* his "Best combat ability".

> > While Kallyr is no great shakes at combat (Spear and Shield
> > 14w2 by the end of Gathering Thunder), her real role is that
> > of Leader: Brilliant Inspiration 7W3, backed by "Initiate of
> > Dar the Queen (Lead Tribe affinity)"
> > 15W, "Member of the Iron Ring of Sartar" 17W2, "Loyal to
> > Followers" 15W2, "Loyal to Kingdom of Sartar" 10W2,
> > "Starbrow" 7W2. Then add the normal "Warrior" 9W abilities of
> > Boastful, Brave, Determined, Grim.
> This is where these multiple augments worry me a bit. For all those
> augments to be relevant, and all pointing in the same direction as it
> were, the circumstances must be... lucky? "Lead Tribe", frex, surely
> means just that. Not "Lead Kingdom". So on a bad day, "Lead
> Tribe"/"Queen of Kheldon" is going one way, "Loyal to Sartar"/Iron Ring"
> is going another, and "Loyal to followers" may be going yet a third
> (along with Elusu, who gets the benefit of it whether he deserves it or
> not).

Sure. And there are days when your "Loyalty: Clan Chief" gets in the way of your "Friendship: Rival Clan's Champion" and "Love: Brother", too. But Kallyr will always be a better leader than fighter.

> Oh, and did you miss off her "guerilla warfare" skills? I'm sure that's
> a keyword, not a straight skill, too?

Depends - I can see it as a keyword (Ambush, Live off the land, Local contacts, Know Mao's Little Red Book, etc) or more like a "Tactics: Guerrilla Warfare" single skill. And I might even play/narrate it differently on two different days.

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