RE: Re: Saga system

From: Jane Williams <janewilliams20_at_...>
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2005 07:45:37 -0000

> Jane - I think David and I handle this quite differently. In
> our games, there is no real link between time passed and HPs
> received.

Yes, I'd got this impression, and I'm still trying to sort out how I could use it.

Look, I have a campaign I'd like to restart based in the late 1590s. The PCs, when we get going again, will be new adults at about the level of choosing their specialist cult (one already has). I want to have a general story-arc sweep that means they participate in the general Sartar Rising events on about the same level (if they so choose) as the major NPCs. So, by about 1620, the stats in the back of OiD are a general guide to where they ought to be.

How do I get them there? Obviously I'll have to do some "and a year passes" gaps, but I need a feel for how fast they should be advancing. I need a feel for what level people should be at at intermediate dates. The extent to which stats go up and down as they take time out from adventuring. And I need it consistent with the published NPC/resistance numbers, so "make up whatever you like" isn't going to help. At the very least, I need a feel, and "some" isn't quite precise enough to help.

> That's one contest that seasons to perform. So they get
> directed HP for whatever skills they used.

Fine. How many HP?

> If a long passage of time happened - let's say my players
> left Dragon Pass and decided to homestead in Wenelia for a
> decade ... give out points appropriately (and maybe a stack
> of "spend-it-anywhere" points).

How many, and how big a stack? You've got the feel for this. Don't tell me to use mine, I haven't got one. Getting one is most of the point of this conversation!

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