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From: Charles Corrigan <glorantha_at_...>
Date: Sun, 28 May 2000 19:13:01 -0000

> > Animists: spirit combat & fetishs - which consequences chart is
> > used for spirit combat in spirit world?
> Under ordinary circumstances (filling a fetish, integrating a
> spirit) use the Ordinary Consequences. If the Shaman is backed up
> by the power of the tribe and on a particular quest, then use the
> Heroic.

I am still not altogether happy that this is the full explanation. Is something else happening, like the spirit combat is actually taking place on the mundane plane? If not, it seems that the Spirit World has different rules to any of the other Hero Planes.

> > Orlanthi: what are the typical Orlanthi ways of "seeing" magic?
> > Is it a mental or magical ability? What about other cultures?
> Some magics are evident to the dullest person (lightning,
> teleportation, flaming swords, etc). Seeing "invisible" magic is
> generally a magical ability.

I have been re-reading "Describing Magic", P163, in particular the second paragraph.

Also Issaries has a "Recognise Magical Value" feat in his Merchant affinity, P57. Lankhor Mhy could reasonably have several additional appropriate feats as part of his Knowlege affinity, P59 But Makabaeus has "Symbolic Sight" as a mental skill, P81

Some confusion reigns, though I guess that this is more a Gloranthan issue than a rules issue.

> > Theist Keywords: I notice than none of the feats have an
> > augmentation rune against them - is this deliberate?
> It's more of a mistake. Originally we planned to differentiate what
> feats could do, but this passed by the wayside. Unfortunately,
> that line never got excised from the text.



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