High Level Gaming

From: Rob <robert_m_davis_at_...>
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2005 10:40:21 -0000

Hi all

When running a game in WW with Broyan, Kallyr, and other V.High level NPC's, my players, who were basically begining characters plus about 150Hp, were treated on the merits of their actions to that date.

The heros had proven themselves as capable problem solvers for clan, and the Jonstown Lhankhor Mhy temple (one of the pc's is a Chernan devotee). They ended up getting involved with Minaryth, and proved their worth on a few occasions. As they were deep in his councils on a particular item, and one of them who had been a slave in the lunar empire revealed something about the nature of the sky, they got sent to Whitewall to carry a vital message.

So, due to circumstances and what they had thus far achieved, the upper echelons accepted them in a way their stats alone would not. Hence refusing to tell Kallyr something even when she demanded they do. I could have bashed them with making them do interaction rolls and guff like that, but I relied on the roleplaying and my perception of the NPC's to determine outcomes.

I get the impression that some feel a sort of stat snobery, like you can't talk to that person becasue they have multiple masteries!!


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