Re: Agamori and Lodril

From: Ian Young <Ian_at_...>
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2005 20:31:26 -0000

Sandy Petersen, by way of Mark Mohrfield, wrote:

> Men-and-a-Half tribes often try to enforce strict sex
> rules, to keep from diluting their qualities by outbreeding with
> ordinary Agimori. Because they also don't like incest (Doraddi
> incest rules are extremely complex, more so than any other major
> culture in Glorantha), this means that they pretty much have to
> another Men-and-a-Half tribe to marry.

Which raises the question of the Praxian Men-and-a-Half, of whom I understand there is but a single tribe. What's keeping them from dying out or inbreeding due to incestuous marriage? Do we assume that there are actually multiple Men-and-a-Half tribes wandering the chaparral of Prax, and are simply viewed as a single, monolithic society by outsiders? Or do we assume that they carefully apply the magical adoption and rebirth to the tribe described in Wyrm's Footnotes #12 and Borderlands? Even the magical adoption has its flaws, because the newly reborn member of the tribe becomes a member of the family that sponsored his or her rebirth, which I suppose would still impose the limitations of taboo against incest.


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