Re: Re: Vinga Dar magic?

From: Andrew Solovay <asolovay_at_...>
Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2005 15:22:54 -0800

Jane Williams wrote:
> No, it's been found that there is a slight glitch when anyone, not just
> Vingans, who is not an Orlanth Allfather initiate, joins the Dar
> subcult, and misses out on some vital Feats. It becomes particularly
> relevant and in need of a solution in this case, but whatever solution
> we come up with will also need to apply to any other case of joining a
> sub-cult in an aspect other than your main one.
> We nee Vinga Dar, Elmal Dar, the-other-aspects-of-Orlanth Dar, Issaries
> Dar....
> Options?
> 1) Allow the extra affinity as well, in direct contravention of an
> explicit Rule.
> 2) Allow the feats to be learnt "standalone", and "free" as part of the
> initiation package, in terms of HP spend.
> 3) For Dar (this doesn't have to apply to other subcults), move those
> extra feats to the main Lead Tribe affinity instead of having them in
> Allfather.
> Any others?

4) Accept that chieftains who don't come from Orlanth Allfather/Ernalda Allmother are at a certain disadvantage. They'll be missing some specialty magic which is very useful if you're running a clan or tribe. But that seems fair, since the people who *are* in Orlanth Allfather/Ernalda Allmother are getting some magic that's bloody useless *unless* you're running a clan or a tribe. It's the old specialization tradeoff again--give up flexibility and you get more power at the thing you specialize in.

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