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From: Silburn, Luke <luke.silburn_at_...>
Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2005 12:48:03 -0000

Hardly ever in the half-dozen or so sessions of Pendragon-using-HQ I ran before Xmas. Partly this was because I only introduced the rules gradually, but also because once the players got a feel for the stakes and the odds, the payoff generally wasn't deemed to be worth it.

On the whole I suspect that for future games a variable augment will only crop up if I, as narrator, call for them (ie there's something risky about the action declared by the player) and I'm happy its that way. If the mechanic was more skewed to favour of variable augments then my players would insist on rolling for them all and the handling time for contests would slow down massively.


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Subject: Variable Augments

A quick question: how often do you/your players actually roll augments instead of just taking the auto-augment route? I was just wondering how 'core' this rule was in practice.

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