Re: Storm Bullocks

From: KYER, JEFFREY <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Tue, 30 May 2000 09:30:58 -0400

Ashley Munday wrote:
> James Turner was worried about the Praxian Keywords...
> ' "Praxians suffer an improvisational modifier to their weapon skills when
> afoot." I'm sure the Lunar cavalry do most of their fighting in the saddle,
> are we going to give them an improv mod also? Praxians didn't have a penalty
> in RQ.'
> Seems okay to me... Praxians live in the saddle (NO SNIGGERING PLEASE FROM
> THE CHEAP SEATS!) while the Lunar Cavalry don't.


> "You now need a bunch of SB shamans to provide all the SB magic."

See the comment on 'Spirit Combat'  

> Not really: All the SB shaman has to do is tow the worshipper to where the
> spirit is and let them integrate it or bind it in a fetish. If someone binds
> or integrates a spirit they get the multiple uses.
> ' "Storm bull worshippers often have the Spirit Combat ability." Which is
> useless.'
> No it isn't! It means worshippers of Storm Bull aren't limited to one use
> fetishes.

And it cuts down on the need for SB shamens that James just said he didn;t like.... Ironic, neh?  

> "The RQ type scenarios that are long chaos hunts (such as dyskeans(?)
> cavern) are very tough on SB's now because their fetishes are one use"
> No they're not because the users are the ones that integrated or bound the
> spirits.

Yep. They fight till they either die, get bored, win or decide to go back for a refill.  

> Ash


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