Re: Augment others

From: paul_at_...
Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2005 17:02:48 +0000

rjremr_at_... wrote:
> > I played in a game where one character was the focus of the contest
> > and we all applied our personnal augments to that central
> > character. Therefore even as a band of duck bandits we were up to
> > the 6 wibble mark.
> >
> > I thought you can only augment another player with one ability.
> Nope. You can augment only once with any one ability, but if you want to
> take the time during the contest to do nothing yourself for seven turns
> (augmenting others is always an unrelated action, HQ 80), you can augment
> your buddy with seven different abilities.

I should state at this point that we were not using Extended Contests - it was a series of Simple Contests.

(And it was those dwatted baboons who started the piling on of augments to widiculous levels Wak! Whack!).

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