Save the children!

From: Ashley Munday <aescleal_at_...>
Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2005 09:12:45 +0000 (GMT)

GM: What are you doing then? There's a hairy looking Namolding advancing on you and the kids with a spear... You have no idea what he wants. From the screams outside you get the feeling that this isn't an ordinary civilised raid.

Player: I'll shout for the kids to run, pointing at the door to the barn out the back. I'll snatch up one of the spare spears and prod it in his general direction. To try and buy some time.

GM: Okay, we'll do the entire thing as a simple contest. What abilities are you going to use?

Player: I've got "love family 10W". What sort of penalty would I take to that.

GM: -20.

Player: Ouch. Okay, I'll augment with it instead. I'll use "stay out of harms way 1W" augmented by "love family 10W". Is "know Tula 3W" okay?

GM: How so?

Player: I'll shout to the kids "run to the south fields!"

GM: Sounds good.

Player: And I'll round it off with "Think of the Children 1W" as I shout "You want to be a child-slayer Namolding?"

GM: Superb. What's the total?

Player: 8W.

<Player and GM roll, it comes out a marginal victory>

GM: The kids have made it at least as far as the barn. You're still stuck in the longhouse with Mr. Hairy Namolding. He was a bit rattled by the "think of the children" cajole and looks a bit pensive.

<meta_gm_aside>He's got -1 on anything he does for a
while as he lost the contest. The player achieved his goal, get the kids out.</meta_gm_aside>.

Player: Time to get the hell out of dodge myself. I'll sweep the stewpot off the fire using the spear(what a waste!) between us and run for the door myself.

GM: He's using his movement affinity and a few other doodads to pursue you and stop you getting out.

Player: I'll use the same lot as before...

GM: The think of the children cajole and love family won't help this time.

Player: Oh, bugger. That's a total of 3W then.

<dice are rolled - this time it's a marginal victory
to the raider>

GM: He gets between you and do, making some comment that sounds like it belongs on East Enders. You're "hurt" so your confidence is a bit dented, you're flustered.

Player: Oh bugger this. I aint getting out of this intact if I carry on this way. Tell you what... I'll ask him if he really wants to carry out Thed's work.

GM: Like it! Tell me more...

Player: I'll use "acid tongue 1W" augmented by "know storm pantheon mythology 17."

GM: You can have +2 for his piety as well. What's the aim of this?

Player: Cool, total of 4W with the hurt. I'm saying to him does he really want to rape me?

GM: Er, it hadn't crossed his mind. However, it'll work to shame him.

<they roll dice, the player wins a major victory>

GM: He's ashamed that you thought such a thing about his clan. He tells you to sit in the corner and stay quiet until they've gone.

This might have worked as an extended contest as well, but as there were several sub-goals here a series of simple ones worked okay.



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