Re: The Windsword from Griffin Mountain

From: Rob <robert_m_davis_at_...>
Date: Sun, 28 Aug 2005 06:52:21 -0000


I have had a bash at a Heroquest version of the windsword. Any feedback or corrections and suggestions would be most welcome!!

The Windsword of Griffin Mountain

Sword of Law

Guardian Spirit – Storm Son

Fully Sentient


Sense Storm Worshipper 1M2

Windsword Affinity 15M
Summon Wild Umbrolli
Command Umbrolli
Teleport Anywhere within sight (D+20)
Fly Fast

Law Affinity 1M2
Face Chaos Bravely
Shield Against Chaos

A worshipper of Orlanth may only use any of the feats above is he has concentrated his magic use on Orlanth. Otherwise the user will get a simple +4 bonus for magic. This is doubled against creatures of chaos due to the swords truestone and the spirit of law that resides within it.

The pommel has a magic crystal within it that gives 11 additional AP. This is a reflection of the vigour the sword instils in its righteous user.

The Sword is a 1M2 weapon. As it is a fine enchanted iron bastard sword its rating is +10+4 for its rating. Of course it is more powerfull in the hands of a user who spends time attuning himself to it and maintaining its geas. (spends hero points!!)

Once a geas is broken then the sword will no longer function for the user. If the user has transgressed Orlanths laws seriously then the user will instantly have considered to have rolled a natural 20 anytime he attempts to use the sword.

The Geas:

Must maintain the Orlanth customs and challenge Chaos and Solar worshippers when met, and offer aid to any worshipper of Ernalda. Of course instant melee is an acceptable excuse for avoiding this.

He must never flee in the face of chaos.

The user must always seek to right any wrongs he may have done (or an Orlanthi would consider. The sword is the arbiter (ie the GM)

He must uphold Orlanths virtues.


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