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Date: Fri, 30 Sep 2005 20:31:13 -0000

Hi Trevor

I ran out of time as I had to dive into a lecture!

> In HQ I anticipate there would be even longer periods of straight
> Role playing. I fear however that there is a danger that these
> be punctuated by a solid stretch of Rule playing, then a few die
> roles before continuing the game.
> The magic of the story could be broken whilst a protracted
> takes place regarding what combination of skills, feats etc would
> allowed by the GM, would be the best ones to use, and would be
> that the Character might consider most appropriate.

Hmmm. We have had discussions in the past about some players going for max augments to get the highest possible target number, and other players frankly not being interested in that and getting frustrated because of it. I think you may be alluding to it here. One thing that I have noted in my games that as the meat of the game has focused more on their, and this is not a perfect term but it will do, 'moral' choices, then they don't dwell so much on the augments and choose the ones that are cool. Its all about how YOU transmit the game to them.

I used to run my game like a RQ game - if you lost it was the end!! Actually HQ makes losing interesting, and that good because losing a contest is more likely than you might imagine! That is a key skill, being able to turn the players defeat into something more fun! It takes a little getting used to but the rewards are worth it - the players stop trying to beat the game and instead enter the storytelling of their character with gusto. This at least has been my experience.  

> I do not see myself moving completely to one system or the other,
> rather having a number of different campaigns that we switch
> as each completes an appropriate climax. I see RQ as the best
> for `micro' play, and am willing to try HQ for `macro' play - I
> to play in both.

Actually what you will find is that micro play is known in some circles as 'gamism', and encourages the exploration of the rules to give maximum benefit to the character. You know, joining Orlanth as an Initiate because of the cheap training and the light RuneLord requirements, or Humakt because of the effective gifts. Choosing the right weapon and combination of armour is important.

Heroquest is a storytelling game that discards a lot of that as unnecessary guff. It quantifies the persons relationships and attachments which gives food for roleplaying. Defeat needn't mean death and can lead to more interesting play, as now you have a spectrum of failure and success. It actively calls upon the imagination of all and allows you to make grand descriptions and take bold actions! Oh I could go on but I get boring very quickly!! lol

> Again, thanks for your help.
> Trevor Ellis

No probs.

I hope I have been a help!


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