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From: Lightcastle <light_castle_at_...>
Date: Thu, 3 Nov 2005 18:31:38 -0500

Ol' DoubleR gave us some great options on how to model acid, and I think these probably apply as good options to anything that is supposed to be a Big Hit attack but doesn't necessarily improve your chances of hitting.

Mind you, I think most contests in HQ don't actually model that way even in cases of extended contests.

Still, intuitively there remains a difficulty sometimes in modeling the idea of something that is devestating if it hits, but difficult to use effectively.

Sometimes this is the "pompus magic" problem. (Touch of Death as a magic talent.) Sometimes this can be the "incredibly powerful item that you can't use well" problem.

I think this is one of those cases where every group is going to have to figure out how to model something to their satisfaction.

For instance, I'd probably have the poison be a separate ability, and use situational modifiers to decide what's going on. (So sometimes it can be used as an augment, sometimes as an unrelated action, sometimes as a direct action itself.)

I am leery of edges, as much as they sometimes seem to be the best way to model something, because I never know what to do with the bonus they offer outside of an extended contest. (Do I just turn them directly into the same bonus, should there be some shift in value?)


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