Combat rules question.

From: CJ <cj_at_...>
Date: Sun, 04 Dec 2005 00:02:06 +0000

  Yes, I know that combats are the same as any other contest. However I am confused about how to handle them. :)

Let's take an example.

Conan Gusan Devotee of Humakt is about to enter a fight.

I shall base the contest on his Sword Combat which is 10W. He will augment with his Death Affinity for +2, and use his follower Arim the Servant if possible for a further +2. OK, so he starts with 14W, and 34 action points?

Then however we have to take in to account his Iron Sword, Searing Bolt worth +8, and it has an enchantment worth +1 (included in the +8 as +2 as iron.) So that makes 2W2 and 42 action points?

Now so far I have assumed he is attacking. However, should defensive items? I have included the +8 sword bonus in both AP and skill total s that right? Can I include his iron armour +6 and the +1 for his shield?

So really, does one include equipment for both AP and the skill totals? Have I misunderstood the rules?

Also, do I have seperate attack and defemce. I have been running contests like this

RURIK attacks CONAN. I work out sword skill + sword equipment. CONAN defends with Sword +armour +shield CONAN attacks RURIK. I work out sword skill + sword equipment. RURIK defends with Sword +armour +shield

They use the same AP pool derived from the first skill, here RURIKS attack and CONANS defence.

I am sure Iam doing something wrong. What is it? :)

cj x

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