Re: Extended contests - followers as augments or AP batteries?

From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_...>
Date: Sun, 11 Dec 2005 13:25:03 -0800

C'est par mon ordre et pour le bien de l'Etat que le porteur du pr�sent a fait ce qu'il a fait.
- Richelieu

> OK. Though some of them are applying more than one augment, where they
> "always on" abilities. Which number does the follower's augment get
> to?

Usually to the active ability of Hero they "belong" to. This might be enough to pop him an extra point of augment to the leader. (eg Hero Ability 4w gets a +2 augment from follower, goes from a +2 to +3 bonus).

> > You can't loan your follower out, your follower is part of you.
> Another of those areas where I've never understood how rules map to
> There are a total of nine people standing around here. One's talking,
> are saying things to back him up, five are merely looking supportive. What
> is stopping them being supportive of the one doing the talking? Yes,
> a rules-construct, but what does it represent? Supporting him is what
> naturally do, they're all on the same side. The rules imply that they're
> doing their support via "their" PC as an intermediary, but what does that
> look like? Do they only nod sagely when "their" PC speaks, and frown when
> the main man is at centre stage? Despite agreeing with everything he's
> saying? Or what?

It all comes down to Narrator Discretion, of course. But if five guys are "just standing around" and being a Greek chorus, then I'd look up 5 people on the Community bonus chart (+2 for Complete Support), and apply that number (suitably modified by Support level, of course).


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