RE: Extended contests - followers as augments or AP batteries?

From: Jane Williams <janewilliams20_at_...>
Date: Sun, 11 Dec 2005 22:11:19 -0000

> > (nods) This was my original plan: we have five like this on
> the PCs' side,
> > and about twenty on the NPC's. Only then I started thinking
> that they're
> > Followers in some sense, and so it should be possible to
> use them as AP
> > batteries instead, and I just got more confused from then on.
> Remember, there is no One True Way. Either of those options
> would work just fine.

So how do I translate the augments one gets from community support into APs?

> On the third hand, it *might* make sense that they are supportiung the
> Speaker, not just their own hero. Do they have any attachment
> to the Speaker other than through their hero?

He's spokesperson for the Legion (despite not being a member of it). They're all in the Legion, no matter whether played by a player or by me. I'd say their attachment to him is direct.

> It could get interesting if a "follower" had
> to chose between two player heroes!

Hmm. Will bear that in mind for later use!

> On the fourth hand, They might be growling, making rude
> comments, fingering
> their weapons, etc. Then I'd make the players *roll* the followers'
> augments. And a bad roll could easily make the negotiations
> disintegrate...

They carefully left the people who might be liabilities on guard duty, for some reason. Maybe they've seen me as a player using my followers as flaws before now, having them joining in on the "enemy" side, and so on. (sigh) The time I borrowed someone else's healer follower to de-berserk my own BabsG follower before she attacked me... Ah, those were the days.

> Hmm, looks like someone has been hitting the Stitched Zoo...

No, the last two hands were augments from a follower :)

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