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From: Labrygon_at_...
Date: Sun, 18 Dec 2005 00:02:16 EST

In a message dated 17/12/2005 10:53:35 PM AUS Eastern Standard Time, writes:

> > Plus, there's the whole "Simulation vrs narrative" argument - I may be
> > better at 16 than my dad is at 50, just because I'm a
> > PC-hero and he's not.
> But if you're looking at normal people, NPCs you meet in the street (or just
> non-weird PCs), then a 40 year old is better than a 16 year old, at just
> about anything.

If you think age is any sort of advantage why not have age as an ability and use it to augment or, more realistically, to give a negative to certain abilities. I disagree about the 40yr old being better than the 16yr old - check out the ages of most athletes, gymnasts, mathematics prodigies, check out world conquering macedonians, Conan in The Tower of the Elephant, Michael Jackson, and assorted other young but successful people.


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