Re: What's in a keyword?

From: Rob <robert_m_davis_at_...>
Date: Fri, 23 Dec 2005 21:43:36 -0000

> You know, I've never understood this. Why do so many GMs
apparently want to
> limit their players? Where's the attraction? If the player wants
to add some
> new Cool Stuff to the story, surely the response is "great! Tell
me more!"
> Not "no, you can't, that would make you too interesting"? What am
I missing?

This is the classic RPG kick. You get players who are percieved to be trying to wrangle an advantage over other players/the GM/The System.

I'm curious though about a game where you had a character taking lots of extra abilities? Do they reason I think that getting another ability gives them another +2 augment for their 1hp, or some other power-gaming type behaviour?


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