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From: David Dunham <david_at_...>
Date: Fri, 30 Dec 2005 10:26:24 -0800


>I notice that the first ability listed for the Petty Noble occupation
>is 'Dueling'. Does the absence of a specific weapon (or even the
>generic [weapon]) imply that a petty noble character is familiar with
>any and all of the dueling weapons that are culturally appropriate?

Since Petty Noble isn't a cultural keyword, I think it would make sense to use any culturally appropriate weapon. It would make sense to lean toward more noble weapons. Among the Heortlings, I'd say this would be hand weapons other than spears (which are used by the clan levy) -- the Vikings held duels with swords and axes IIRC.

And while Dueling might be the most appropriate ability to use in a duel, I think it more likely to be augmenting a specific fighting ability.

>Unfortunately I'm no weapons expert so, apart from the rapier, I have
>no idea what sorts of melee weapons have served as dueling weapons
>down through history. So I'm interested in finding out what range of
>choices my character may have. If it will be of any help he will
>probably be heavily influenced by Dara Happan or Carmanian culture.

Is there a specific Gloranthan culture you're looking at? This doesn't really sound like a rules question. If this is a Lunar character, darts or scimitars might be appropriate. If the character is really a duelist, I recommend getting some training in a particular weapon or weapons!


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