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Date: Wed, 04 Jan 2006 17:38:43 -0000

Here's how we have handled it for my PC "Amirin" in the David Dunham's Umathela game:
Amirin performs first performs Enchant Thunderstone as a ritual, using the HeroQuest ritual magic rules, including community support, location and holy day bonuses, etc. In the ritual, Amirin dedicates the thunderstone to a particular foe. If the ritual is successful, he can apply the ritual bonus to one roll of his thunderstone-fighting ability in appropriate circumstance.
We've tried to limit the ability in some ways, to keep Amirin from piling up a bunch of super-powerful thunderstones. In general, Amirin can make a single stone every weekly, seasonal, or yearly holy day dedicated to his worst foe in the coming week, season, or year. The stone he makes "expires" at the end of the appropriate period. David has also said that Amirin might be able to create a longer-lasting stone dedicated to a specific enemy. Presumably the most specific the enemy, the longer it can last. Below is an example of how Amirin used his yearly stone (the one he made on the High Holy Day) against the Wolf Pirates in play. Tyloque is the Umathelan storm god, similar to Orlanth, while the Burning Men is our hero band.


As the ship approached, we were hailed by the pale-faced sailors - the Wolf Pirates, for sure. They boasted of their ship, the Foresight, and the She Wolf just behind. A dark storm loomed over us, its angry winds lashing our ship.
The archers of both ships began to fire. Standing on the stern of one hull, our archers and Amirin were nearly blown into the sea by the pirates' mighty magical gales. But our missiles found targets, and Amirin waited until the last possible moment to loose his largest thunderstone. With all the power of Tyloque and the Burning Men behind it, it struck the Foresight's monstrous figurehead and blasted it loose into the water, spraying the crew with splinters. [Major Victory in a simple contest with his thunderstone-throwing ability.] Immediately, their storm began to die down (and two pirates leaped from the Foresight after the figurehead) but the Foresight still closed to boarding distance.

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