Re: Definitions

From: Sam Elliot <sam.elliot1_at_...>
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2006 21:21:29 -0000

Good grief!

Monday I asked our students if they had any large jam jars they could bring in as these are very useful for molecular biology and microbiology labs.

One of the students pointed out that what I was holding up as an example was in fact a coffee jar. Another suggested that maybe what I was really after was a pickle jar (she was correct).

We quite quickly worked the basic idea out. We even had a laugh about it.

We didn't hide the meat of the session (competition experiment with two species of bacteria, analagous to interesting discussion, if I had the time to follow it properly, of magic in Glorantha) in a discussion about correct jar terminology (analagous to what is a ceremony).

Personally I couldn't give two hoots if page 232 of whichever Gloranthan book has something contradicting what is on page 34 of another or is said in an email. I was trying to follow some of what Greg was saying and hoping it could be distilled somewhere for when I am less stupidly busy. Suddenly I couldn't follow any of it anymore as it all became noise.

I'd hate it if the people who invest their energies in creating what is, ultimately, an amateur adventure out of which some do manage to make a living, feel they have to check for internal inconsistencies as if they were producing medical textbooks or whatever. I'm sure that most of us have to check for consistencies in things every day at work, but this is a different sphere of activity, hopefully intended to be enjoyed. Even those consistencies or not at work depend on circumstances.


So knackered from work I must be rambling, so I'll shut up.


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