Re: Healers in Swenstown

From: Rob <robert_m_davis_at_...>
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2006 21:44:42 -0000

Hi Gian

Here a different take as I sense you like to work with numbers;

Figure that wounded folks have to be patched first. Thats probably about a days work. Then they can start healing. I'd say about 10 people a day per healer before getting exhausted, taking their time to get a bit of a bonus, singing a song of healing and arranging any other colour/ special effects you fancy.

As for healing being pretty instantaneous. Yes. But that is really aimed at player groups where you don't really use it with anything like this intensity (maybe some groups do). But in the old days this was rune magic, and frankly once cast you had to pray and wait for it to come back, and after enough time, so I think your instinct is right that you should impose limits.

Just a few thoughts


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