Re: Healers in Swenstown

From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_...>
Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2006 09:15:05 -0700

> > HQ overrules HW (And ST is a HW product).
> OK - is there a later writeup of CA anywhere? And are
> there other feats around that deal with a "dying"
> patient?

Erissa (HQ 124) is pretty much CA wearing glasses and her hair combed differently. But watch out if she's near a phone booth!

> > Note that the healing ability has to be pretty
> > exactly named - a "Heal
> > Injury" ability does *not* get the 14 resistance if
> > the subject is Dying, or
> > Impaired for that matter. "Heal Broken Bone" won't
> > get 14 vrs a slash or puncture, etc.
> Any suggestions on what an appropriate modifier might
> be, in any of these circumstances?

It's an Improv mod, so -5 by default, unless you think it should be different.

> I do wonder about "heal dying" used to deal with a
> much lesser injury - it seems somehow ironic that
> "heal minor graze" or "kiss better" might be more
> effective.

"I'll do CPR!" Using inappropriate medicine/first aid nowadays certainly doesn't *help* a person, and can easily injure the patient more (CPR can throw the heart badly out of synch, and *will* crack ribs if done correctly. It's use is contra-indicated for anything less than full cardiac arrest).

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