Heroquest 7th Sea Conversion

From: barna284 <barna284_at_...>
Date: Wed, 03 May 2006 23:02:02 -0000

My copy of Heroquest is arriving in about two weeks, and I've been craving to do a 7th Sea conversion for some time now. I was wondering if they have any conversion ideas or tips.

I want to start by creating Homeland and Occupation groups. I dunno if there are any 7th Sea fans here, but any suggestions are welcome for either group. As a matter of fact, the Occupation keywords are your average swashbuckling set (3 Musketeers stuff) so if anyone has any of those, that'd be great.

Another issue I have yet to solve is Membership. In the 7th Sea world, characters can be part of a number of Secre and Not-So-Secret Societies. These impose some duties and codes, but also give the player a lot of advantages such as increased reputation, training, special equipment, etc. Im not sure how to work with this. Perhaps I can give each Secret Society a number of Skills, Personality Traits, etc just as a Homeland or Occupation, including a Rank skill which represents how important the character is to the organization. In order to keep these balanced, Id start the membership keyword at 13 or 6 (not sure) so that the character has to spend some HP on it.

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