Re: Starting a new website - Issaries fan policy a problem?

From: Jeff Richard <richaje_at_...>
Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2006 20:35:51 -0000

> Roderick and Ellen Robertson wrote:
> ...
> > You only need to link to the FPP from the home page, and that's
it. Updates
> > don't need to be run past Greg.
> ...
> But Jeff Richard adds:
> ...
> > Issaries just needs to make sure that you accept the terms of
the FPP
> > (and the attendent IP policies) by having an acknowledgement of
> > FPP on the home page (and having that link).
> ...

I don't think Roderick and I are saying anything different.:) If you look at his website, Roderick makes it clear that he is using Issaries IP pursuant to a license:

> So, you see, it is not so simple. Do you want to be bound by the
> of their 'IP policies'? Note that normal copyright protections
exist for
> Issaries Inc. without you making any agreements at all; they want
you to
> agree to additional restrictions on what you can do.

Guys, this is not the forum for discussing US Copyright Law....

That being said, let me give you the most basic of overviews. Glorantha and virtually all the material we discuss is the IP of Issaries Inc. Issaries is happy as a clam for folk to post material pertaining to Glorantha - but as the owners of the IP, they are legally entitled to set the terms. If you want to post material derived from somebody else's IP on your website, as a matter of law, you need the owner's permission, one way or another. As a matter of law, the owner gets to set the terms. Issaries' terms are super liberal and very easy to comply with, but if you can't (or won't) accept those liberal terms, then Issaries is within its legal rights to compel you to take the material off your website.

And for those of you outside of the US that do not think that US Copyright law is relevant to you, please think again. I personally have gotten US IP judgments enforced in the UK (despite the fact that I could not have gotten the initial judgment in the UK).


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