Re: Magic in the East : Mysticism, Dream Magic, Dragon Magic

From: Santo Sengupta <s.santo.sengupta_at_...>
Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2006 12:58:10 -0400

I haven't done much with Mysticism, yet, but I have been running quite a bit of Dream Magic in my Verenela game. I have been treating it mostly as it's own Otherworld, with its own rules. I see it being a Mixed Otherworld - in a lot of ways it would be very similar to the Mortal World.

I guess I've been running "Dream" like a magical prefix - their are Dream Affinities, Spirits, Spells and Talents.

For example:
In Teshnos, there are dreamers who sacrifice to her as Theleya, Daughter of Somash, and gain Dream Affinities. In Melib there are nightmare hunters that practice a form of Animism. And as villians, there are the Sorcerors of the Black Mirror, who serve the Antigod Adlanari.

"Aum Shanti Shanti Shantih."

On 9/21/06, Philippe Sigaud <sigaud_at_...> wrote:
> OK, another rule question,
> did someone here use the Mysticism rules in HW? Was that satisfying ?
> I'm not really asking in whether or not they represent Glorantha, just
> the feel they had in play. Were Mystics powerful? What can a 1w2
> Mystic do, compared to a chaman or a devotee?
> Did someone develop something on Dream Magic, the one with Thella, the
> Keets and the Nightmare Lords? I may use more or less the Animism
> rules : you get into the Dreamworld, hunt some dream and get it into
> the Waking World.
> [and for interaction purposes, I guess many other magic have a -20
> malus for fighting a dream entity, as they are neither spirits nor
> gods nor essences. But then, I guess the dream also woud get a -20 in
> the Waking World]
> Did someone used dragon magic, be it the Kralorelan adoration or the
> Immanent Mastery way? What kind of rules did you use?
> Philippe

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