Re: Relationships

From: Philippe Sigaud <sigaud_at_...>
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2006 21:19:00 +0200

> The rules take the average ability of the group and add the community support bonus (variable level due to moral effects). I also augment with equipment and magic. Then you add your leadership ability, or even your relationship to the warband. I like the potential of this system, though I have yet to have the opportunity to test this out in a game. :-)

It works, though it give the number of persons only a small effect on the final TN. And why not ? We calculated the AP pool as average ability times the number of persons in the group.

That's when you got to oppose 3000 AP and 2500 AP and anyone is treating this as 30 against 25 (more or less) throwing hundreds of APs at each other. 15 minutes for a whole war, yeah! Cool and all, except the consequences are a bit skewed: it's very rare to fall into the 0 to -39 range at the end. Most of the time you rocket past it, right into -200 territory, Complete Defeat. So, my players asked for Extended Contests, because they felt that with a Simple Contest they could never obtain this Complete Victory they craved for.

Maybe it'd be best to calculate consequences from the beginning APs?.

0 / -10% : -10% to your ability, etc. down to -100% and worse, a Complete Defeat.


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