Re: More on augments...

From: Ashley Munday <aescleal_at_...>
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2006 08:51:18 +0100 (BST)

Hi Doyce,

What I meant by "all or nothing" is that you either use the entirety of an ability or you don't use it at all. There's none of this faffing around with:

"Sod it, you haven't got Y use X at -Z"

"I'm strong as Gonn Orta, er, +10 please to my twat him with big stick."

Or even worse, "I'm as strong as Gonn Orta so can I use that to twat him with a big stick at -20 and then augment with my kosha stick twatting abilty?"

I find Dogs really cool in that there's no arithmetic at the start of the conflict - narrate the abilities you want to use at the start, roll yer bucket of dice and you're away. The one pain in the bum is when you drop the dice on the floor...



> > I'm afraid "Dogs in the Vineyard" dented my
> enthusiasm
> > for the crunchier (i.e. the mental arithmetic)
> aspects
> > of HQ and I've been looking for a way of making
> > ability use "all or nothing" in HQ for a while.
> This is really fun and funny to me, as the players
> from my HQ games
> recently got going on a new Dogs game, and their
> feedback was "it's
> cool that while it uses Conflict Resolution, it
> doesn't feel like it's
> all or nothing on this one roll" -- so much so that
> I'm actually
> noodling on the Forge HQ and my blog on how to
> incorporate (into HQ)
> the way Dogs' conflict-resolution breaks a conflict
> into smaller
> slices, while still ostensibly using a 'single die
> pool' resolution.
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