Re: Re:Bumping vs. Ability Increase

From: Philippe Sigaud <sigaud_at_...>
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2006 21:34:29 +0200

> Guys,
> Don't you think that you are being too slavish to the result. So its
> marginal on a simple contest. Do you always have to narrate it as
> such? I don't.

Narration is not a problem. But consequences are: the -1/-10%/-50%/-100% results.

Some obstacle is in you way. As a player, you know that if you use a SC, you will probably get some Marginal or Minor Victory. But if you convince the Narrator to play it as an extended contest, you may reasonably expect to achieve a Major Victory. What would you do? At least one of my players found it jarring and began to ask for Extended Contests for this reason.
OK, that was in a heroquest, and the carryover bonus for a step in a HQ finished by a minor victory is only 10% of the opponent's ability, while it's a quarter of it for a major victory.

The problem never became acute or anything, but we are now thinking of tweaking somewhat either the SC or the EC rules to bring them closer in result.


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