RE: Re: Getting injured (etc) multiple times - cumulative wounds

From: Jane Williams <janewilliams20_at_...>
Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2006 17:18:09 +0000 (GMT)

> But the fact that you can represent this
> mechanically in HQ is, to me, an
> awesome benefit of the system. It's precisely that
> the game has mechanics
> like this that's the reason why I play HQ.


> >No first aid either?
> Sometimes there's just no time. No, it's not that
> we're playing "round to
> round" D&D style combat, but simply that the way the
> narration works, there's no time to "heal."

Yep. Heroes get put under pressure. And in RQ-Glorantha everyone and their alynx may have had healing magic, but not in HQ.

> The best example, and Jane can attest to
> this, was Kerstin's
> character having gotten concussed earlier in the
> day, having failed to heal
> it with coffee, then getting banged up in some
> fights, then losing an arm
> and an eye in a heroquest, and then having run
> around all day using her
> spirits having gotten exhausted from it, and having
> something like a total
> -30% -2 cumulative penalty on an action where she
> dropped a piece of masonry
> on a giant Tentacle/Clam/Wizard monster (and
> managing to trap it, as it happens).

It was dramatic, and impressive. And she kept making decisions about "do I go on despite this, or do I leave <dependent> in deep trouble?"

> Just checked the FAQ, and it's not in there. I'm
> surprised we haven't heard
> from Rory on this one (no, that's not a challenge,
> just an observation).

He's gone silent in a private conversation, too - generating a new PC to join in with Swords. I hope everything's OK - anyone know?

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