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Yes, I'd expect so. Theologians can always argue about this sort of thing, of course - just how weird do you have to be to be an infidel, rather than a heretic? - but the general principle is correct.

> Being "Lunar
> Wizardry" folks? It's funny, but I'd have expected the Carmanians
(being a
> Persia cognate, and having Islamic parallels) to be the ones to use
the term
> Infidels for those back west.

I'll point out that the word isn't Arabic (although its not an official term in Catholicism, either), and makes as much sense as a Christian description of a Moslem as it does the reverse. Atheists were 'infidels' too, of course (not being faithful to anything, you see). Although 'infidel' is, of course, the word we commonly use to translate the Arabic 'kafir', referring to any non-Moslem.

Besides which, I try to have the Malkioni not be carbon copies of Christians; much of their ritual and so on *is* closer to Islam than to Christianity, IMO. In other respects, of course, they are closer to Christians than Moslems, so that's not a blanket statement. It's the same idea as Heortlings not being vikings or Celts, but a bit of both with some unique stuff thrown in. Beware of using just one model, is my motto: Glorantha is not Earth.

> Maybe they throw it back and forth at each
> other?

Carmanians are not covered in HoM, but yes, I'd expect that that's exactly the case.

> >There are some orders etc. in Heroes of Malkion that have spells
such as
> >'Protect Against Heretical Magic', that do have this effect. There's
> >generally not much need to protect against people from your own sect,
> >since they shouldn't be attacking you if you've behaved yourself. After
> >all, we're not Orlanthi, you know...
> Sure, but what about Hrestoli vs. Rokari, for instance? Heretical would
> apply here, no?


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