Re: Devotion and illumination

From: simon_hibbs2 <simon.hibbs_at_...>
Date: Tue, 06 Feb 2007 16:57:22 -0000

> Cool, however the magic in theism is something you are,....

It' something the personal selves of un-illuminated worshipers become. However Illuminates have an awareness of the Great Self which encompasses all possible selves (er, and impossible ones too!).

>'s being
> like your god, doing things the way he did and sacrifising to him. So
> even if you have confronted the All and have a personal understanding
> of reincarnation and cyclism, you don't get the magic without the
> commitment.

But the insight of Illumination is that there is nothing to commit to - it's all illusory.

What you say is true to a point because they must still practice the religion, and practice the magical rituals and so on to invoke it. However they can parcel up that part of their personality (their self with a small 's') and walk away from it any time they like, then step back into it when they choose because it's now only one small part of them.

In practice I think this means they can stop keeping up the Devotee requirements any time they like, but continue using their magic. If they want to improve that magic maybe they have to pay full price in HPs. If they want the Devotee Discount, they have to go back to practicing as a Devotee and keeping up their time commitments again for a while.

How does that sound?

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