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From: Jakob Pape <chaomancer_at_...>
Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2007 00:16:11 +0000

No thank you. If I want to be on a mailing list, I'll subscribe myself to it. If you think I would enjoy it, tell me about it here. I don't see why my email address should be given to anyone I don't choose to give it to, and I find it quite disquieting that a list would share the addresses of it's members.

On 2/13/07, styopa004 <styopa.junk_at_...> wrote:
> A note to list members: in an effort to cross-fertilize the creative
> communities of Glorantha (and especially to bring in the new Mongoose
> RQers), the various mailing lists (HQ-rules, HW-rules, Runequest
> digest, Glorantha mailing list, etc.) are being asked to share amongst
> each other their various members' email addresses. This is SOLELY for
> the purpose of connecting people of like interests, and NOT for
> commercial, spam, or distribution outside these lists.
> Personally, I think it's a great idea; but in consideration of
> people's right to privacy I'm asking publicly: if you DON'T want me to
> share your email address amongst the other relevant lists, please just
> drop me a quick note (pls include your email so I don't have to look
> it up!) and I'll remove your email from the list before I send it 2/21.
> Thank you!
> -Steve
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