Re: Assembling a Tricky Situations List

From: nichughes2001 <nicolas.h_at_...>
Date: Fri, 09 Mar 2007 16:38:11 -0000

Its really more an issue of suitable descriptive style. If characters in a Gloranthan setting are setting an ambush its appropriate to describe the enemy walking closer until they are within sight, within a distant bowshot, within an easy bowshot, so close that even Gimpy the Clumsy could throw his javelin past them...

In an SF setting players are more likely to expect their targetting computer to be reading out "200 meters and closing". Which could get awkward with the fact that 200m really does not mean anything in terms of resistance level, or at least it might mean something different the next time and I have no interest in memorising every measurement I have ever mentioned in case I break my own precedent. Yes this gets sim-like but I just find it harder to narrate around so lots of advice on the matter would be very useful.


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