Conversion tables and scales (tricky situations)

From: Boris yarko <babeldemeter3_at_...>
Date: Sun, 11 Mar 2007 10:27:11 -0000

Heroquest is a great game for many reasons : because the lunar missionary stands a chance against the uroxi (battle axe vs rhetoric contest), because everything can be a ability (smelling beard, melancholy, goat friend, silly ideas...), because every ability may become a superpower (with jump 10W4 you can nearly fly, with run like the wind 10w4 I guess you run on the walls horizontaly...), etc.

But every superhero rpg I played at (Marvel Superheroes, DC Heroes, Champion...) had conversion tables for movement speed, breaking things, lifting weight, and so one.

These tables weren't stupidely linear (1 point in lightning speed equals 3 miles per hour) but exponential (with 10 you run like a horse, with 20 like a race car, with 30 like a plane...) just to have a comparaison scale.

In human-scaled rpg, it's easy to estimate a difficulty rate (would this task be easy, difficult or impossible to me to achieve ?), but in a superheroic rpg like Heroquest, I feel that's nearly impossible. Because I 'm not able to estimate the difficulty of breaking a forteress gate or running like a galloping horse. Both are impossible, but not for my heroes. How can I evaluate if its a "easy" superheroic tarsk or a "nearly impossible superheroic" task ?

That's why I think that some conversion tables for passive resistances would be useful. And if you them to be hidden in appendix, I can stand it very well.

Some scales for the menaning of relation, passion and kee-words would be great too...

in love (13) : passing infatuation
in love (17) : strong love
in love (5W1) : true love
in love (5W2) : Romeo and Juliet, overwhelming passion
in love (5W3) : love through death, telepathic link

Something like that.

Babel Demeter

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