Re: Conversion tables and scales (tricky situations)

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Date: Sun, 11 Mar 2007 20:29:58 -0000

> if you play a superheroes game, every character will have very high

I don't think its quite as simple as that. Its likely that they will have *some* very high abilities, of course, but they'll also most likely have some lower ones as well. Spiderman has a superhuman agility, but not (AFAIK) super-speed. You need to know which are which.

> a normal human is no challenge for supermans strength, so we would
> roll that !

Which is certainly fine if all characters in the campaign have either superman-level strength, or normal human-level strength. In most superhero games, though, I'd think that'd fairly unlikely. Spiderman, again, is much stronger than a normal human (or so I gather from the films, never having read the comics), but he's nowhere near the strength of superman. There has to be a continuum, so that the game can cope with characters from the power level of Lois Lane (albeit as an NPC, presumably) through the likes of Green Arrow, to Daredevil and Spiderman, all the way up to Superman. We might not need to know exactly how many tons Superman can bench press, but we do need to know if he's in the same ballpark as... oh, I don't know, Iron Man or somebody. For this you need masteries, and its something that HeroQuest/Questworlds is obviously pretty good for.

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